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IN THE MIND OF A CARTOONIST: Artist F.Sudol DRAWING SERIES I DVD: As demanded by aspiring artists, this real-time "How to Draw" video, showcases the talent of F.Sudol, as he draws several original characters while sharing many of his drawing secrets. Anyone who enjoys watching an artist draw won't want to miss this video.

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Drawing Series I Video Includes:
-Full Illustrations: Learn how to draw simple to complex characters. Watch from the first line to the final coloration, all in real time without interruption.
-Hear the thoughts inside a seasoned Artist's mind, with Full Commentary as he draws. Learn new drawing skills and secrets. Perfect for aspiring artists looking for an edge.
-In Depth details on style, inspirations, character motivation, emotion, action, etc...
-Series I includes a Dog, Cat, Pig, Monster, Mouse, Turtle, Hawk, Fish and more...
-Warm Up Techniques and sketches.
-Over 100 minutes of real time art set to F. Sudol's original Musical Soundtrack, widescreen 16:9.
-F. Sudol credits include: An Animator on South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut Movie, 1990 GamePro Video Game Magazine "Design a Hero" Contest 1st Place 'Insect Invasion', $10,000 Jamesway "Draw your Dad in his Spare Time" Contest 1st place, Farm and Horse Show 1st place ribbon, Feature Length Animated Horror Movies, State Fair Caricature Artist, FSudolArt.com website and more... 102 min
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ZAZZLE.com FSudol Art FULL GALLERY. Hundreds of FSudol's illustrations are collected into a series of galleries, with sections ranging from animals, creatures, horror, FSudol movies including City of Rott and Gnome in the Haunted Castle, to sports, action and more! If you like what you see so far, don't miss it. Also includes plenty of collectible and rare FSudol original TShirts, mugs and trinkets that are great for the holidays or make a great gift to give yourself or someone else. Visit zazzle.com for all of the details.

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